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It is helpful as an ID Doctor client to know what to expect. Being familiar with our clinic’s policies and procedures will help you to understand our processes and expectations, providing you a better client experience.


New Patient 


By reading and preparing before your first appointment, this is for your benefit to maximize the interaction between you and your doctor at your next clinic visit, it is best to come prepared. please kindly take some time to read the information as a  new patient. To view 'Information for New Patient'.




If you are prescribed any medication and/or have been advised by a Doctor to make a follow-up appointment then please do so ONLINE yourself at


Please kindly note the following to ensure that your care is well coordinated and monitored:


  • Patients must be monitored with blood tests and reviewed by a doctor before new prescriptions can be re-issued, so please make sure you book a follow-up appointment so that you do not run out of medication.

  • We DO NOT provide an 'emergency' prescription, which is not possible for medical and safety reasons.


We strongly recommend that you make follow-up appointments online at least a week or as soon as possible after your last appointment as our clinic is now experiencing a waiting list of 4-5 weeks.


Our available time slots are opened and bookable online up to 3 months from the current date. If you try to reschedule at the last minute our available time slots may be limited and you may not be able to find a suitable time as you wish.


Cancellation or rescheduling 


You are responsible for keeping appointments that you have scheduled with us. If you cannot keep an appointment, please cancel or reschedule your appointment ONLINE at least three (3) days before your scheduled appointment so that the appointment can be offered to another patient who wishes to see a doctor earlier.


If an appointment is not canceled or rescheduled within this time frame the fee for that appointment will be charged on your next visit, or you may be not given a further appointment.


If an immediate appointment is not available, please take the first one available and then request to be placed on our cancellation list. An appointment may become available within 72 hours.





All private patient records are confidential and are not sent out from consultation unless specifically requested by the client.


Patients should understand that clinic staff may have access to your records to be used for the administrative, the day to day health care operative purpose to assist in the running of our practice. To view 'Clinic Privacy Statement'.



Patient Communication 


The doctors, nurses, and others here at ID Doctor want to do all we can to protect the health information we have about you and keep it private and secure. You have a right to that information and the right to talk, e-mail, or text your health care team about it. But, any time you talk, e-mail, or text there is a chance that someone you do not want to hear or see what you say or write. Below is a list of some things that you and we can do to reduce those chances when we talk, e-mail or text.


You must complete our 'Patient Communication Consent Form' to protect your personal health information and understand the risk associated with the different methods of communication, especially e-mail, and texting and consent to the conditions, restrictions and patient responsibilities outlined below as well as other instruction that we may impose.


To view 'Patient Communication Form'.


Phone calls


1. When we need to contact you, we will only speak to you, or people you have listed on the Communication form.

2. On the communication consent form, you should list only the numbers you wish us to use to contact you.

3. If you are unable to answer our call, please check “Yes” in the box under Messages if you want us to leave a message with the person who answers. If you do not want a message left please check “No”.


Emergency Contact


1. An Emergency Contact is a person you chose for us to call if we cannot reach you. An emergency message is when there is a real danger to you or someone else.




1. Many patients would like to e-mail with their doctor or nurse. However, it is important to remember that e-mail through your own e-mail account has many risks.

2. ID Doctor cannot promise your e-mail will remain secure and private and ID Doctor will not be held responsible for a problem unless it was caused by ID Doctor's intentional misconduct.

3. Before anyone at ID Doctor can communicate with you by e-mail, you must sign the consent for e-mail on the communication consent form.

4. ID Doctor cannot promise your e-mail message will be read within a certain time, thus you should NEVER use e-mail to ask your doctor or nurse about any emergency or urgent health problem.

5. If ID Doctor has not responded to your e-mail message within a reasonable time, you should contact your clinic by phone to make certain your message was received.

6. You need to protect your password and your access to your e-mail account. ID Doctor is not responsible for information that is discovered through access of your e-mail account.

7. You need to notify ID Doctor of a change in your e-mail address.

8. All e-mail messages should contain your full name, date of birth.

9. You may cancel your consent to e-mail communication only in writing or by e-mail message.

10. You MUST NOT consult your health conditions through emails.

11. You MUST NOT send your health information through emails.


Patient / Client Portal (vCita)


1. The portal is a part of your ID Doctor secured communication tool that you may access directly through a website. This website is very secure and all the information within the site is stored with the highest level of security. Your information is protected using 128-bit SSL encryption; accounts require secure login with a password; timed auto-logouts, and data is backed-up on a daily basis.

2. Through this website patients may:

Communicate with us (non medical queries only)

Request an appointment

3. The purpose of this site is to improve patient- ID Doctor communication and for you to have access to your information when you need it. This service is provided at no additional cost to the patient.

4. The information you submit in through the portal may be seen by ID Doctor staff who will participate in your health care.

5. ID Doctor will not release the contents of the portal without your written consent, except as required by law.

6. To use the portal, you must register your email address through our website and/or sign the consent form with us. You need to protect access to your account. ID Doctor will not be responsible for any network problems beyond ID Doctor’s control.

7. Patients may access the patient portal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, ID Doctor will only read your request during our administrative office work hours. ID Doctor will try and respond to your message as soon as possible. If your doctor is out of the office, your request may be held until your doctor returns to the office. If you do not have a response to your request within 7 days please call your clinic to make certain your request was received.

8. The portal should NEVER be used to request medical advices, emergency or urgent medical needs.

9. ID Doctor has the right to remove access to the portal at any time for any reason.

10. ID Doctor is not responsible for any information you have sent but we failed to receive due to technical failure.

11. You MUST NOT consult your health conditions through this portal. 


Contacting us  


Patients are encouraged to call our administrative office for any administrative matters as a first point of communication with us; however, medical questions are best addressed by a consultation with a doctor at the time of your appointment only. We DO NOT provide a medical consultation over the phone call, email, online messaging, etc.


Please refrain from having a direct communication with a doctor by sending email to doctor’s email address, calling to doctor’s office or doctor’s mobile number during working hours. For a doctor to leave a patient being treated to answer your phone calls or queries would obviously be unfair to the patient being treated at the time. Your doctor may be in a daily routine of seeing other hospital inpatients at an intensive care unit, or emergency room for other immediate medical care needs.


Should you have an emergency, please contact your GP or any emergency medical unit nearby you.


Appointment scheduled at 16:00 hours or later


The receptionist at The Catherine McAuley Educational & Research Centre finishes at 4 pm and may be not available to un-lock the main entrance door to let you in the building for patients who are scheduled at 4 pm or later. If your appointment is made after 4 pm at the clinic, please call +353 (0)1 525 9779 and choose option ‘2’. One of our staff will come down to the lobby to open the main entrance door and assist you with the registration.




If you think you may have a medical emergency, call 112 or 999 for emergencies and request an ambulance, or visit your nearest Accident & Emergency department, or contact your GP immediately.



If you have been given a private prescription (to get started on your treatments, antibiotics. Supplements and immune support), 

It is your responsibility to pay for these treatments privately.

Aggressive Behaviour "Zero Tolerance Policy"


This practice considers aggressive behavior to be any personal, abusive or threatening comment, bad language, physical contact and aggressive gestures. We operate a 'Zero Tolerance Policy' with respect to the protection of all staff. This means that no abuse of doctors or staff is acceptable whether verbal or physical and any patient will be removed from the patient register with immediate effect.   

Medical Report / Certificate for Work or Insurance related Medical Certificates


We only provide a letter to GP which our doctor summarise your condition and medical care we provide. then your GP will provide a report or letter to you.


If you wish to have a letter to GP, you can request by emailing us at, or submit your request online at


We kindly request you to please write “Request a Letter to my GP” in the subject line of your email. The time frame for completion of medical reports is between 5 to 6 weeks from time of the request. (*Additional administration fees may apply)


After receiving your request, we will write a letter summarizing your condition to your GP and we can provide you with a copy of this GP letter. This letter can then be used by the GP who can then issue a medical report or certificate on your behalf.


To request for a letter, kindly ensure that:

  1. Please provide us information of your GP and all such information should go through the GP for continuity. We DO NOT provide any medical report or certificate directly to you.

  2. In any cases, directly, we DO NOT issue letters to schools and do not issue letters to disability and insurance agencies, and do not issue to employers / companies for employment related issues.

  3. Patient’s written consent is given for the release of medical information.

  4. For patients below 18 years old, the consent of the patient's parent or legal guardian is obtained.

  5. Photocopies of relevant documents (e.g. passport, drivinin license, birth certificate, marriage certificate, and letters of appointment of legal representative/Committee of Person & Estate) are to be attached with the Consent Form as proof of your relationship to the deceased.

  6. There may be applicable fees for certain medical report/certificate.














Last updated on  25 Feb 2020

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