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Information for New Patients



If you are a new patient, please kindly take some time to read the following information. By reading and preparing before your first appointment, this is a certainly for your benefit to maximize the interaction between you and your doctor at your next clinic visit, it is best to come prepared. 


Please also read and understand our Clinic Policies. To view 'Clinic Policies'.


Pre-registration: the following documents are available for review, printing and completion before your clinic visit. To save time, you are encouraged to bring these completed forms with you to your appointment. Please bring the completed forms with you to your appointment.



Prepare a list of your current medications: Be ready to discuss your prescribed medications, including how much you take and how often you take it. If you have copies of your prescriptions, bring those with you


Be on time for your appointment: Please be on time. Allow lots of time to get to the clinic. It can take some time to get used to finding your way around, and it is important to be on time for your first appointment and make it less stressful.


Any appointment scheduled at 4.30 pm or later: Our receptionist at The Catherine McAuley Educational & Research Centre may not be available after 4.30 pm, and can't assist to open the main entrance for patients who are scheduled at 4.30 pm or later. So if your appointment is scheduled after 4 pm at the clinic, please call +353 (0)1 525 9779 and choose option ‘2’. One of our staff will assist you with the registration.


Cancellation or Reschedule: You are responsible for keeping appointments that you schedule with us. If you cannot keep an appointment, please cancel or reschedule your appointment at least three days before your scheduled appointment so that the appointment can be offered to another patient who wishes to see a doctor earlier. 


Wait time & delay: Appointments are of 30 minutes duration approx for an initial appointment and 15-30 minutes duration approx for a follow-up. If a patient has some problems that need to be addressed it may be necessary to make a further appointment so that all complaints can be dealt with in a safe and thorough manner. While every effort is made to run on time, occasional delays are unavoidable, and we ask for your patience and understanding in these situations.


Schedule a Follow-Up Appointment: if you are prescribed any medication, you are required to re-schedule follow-up appointment by yourselves before you run out of your prescribed medication. We will supply only one to two months of medication at the initial visit, and we do not provide prescription by post.

Payments: We accept only cash or cheque at the time of clinic visit. If you wish to pay by credit/debit card, we only accept your credit/debit card by pre-payment prior to your clinic visit and this can be processed online via our website on Please make sure to complete prepayment by your credit/debit card prior to your scheduled appointment and print out payment receipt and present it to your doctor. otherwise, you may be requested to pay a full payment again by cash or cheque at the time of clinic consultation. 

* Last updated on 8/Mar/2018

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