Follow-UP Appointment


After your Initial appointment: you will be contacted following your initial appointment to update you on your blood tests; some results take up to one month. Further discussion of all results will take place at your next visit.


After all follow-up appointments: you will be only contacted by the clinical team if you have abnormal blood tests results that require action or follow up.


If you are prescribed any medication and/or a follow-up visit requested by a Doctor at your previous clinic visit, please re-schedule a follow-up appointment online.


We strongly recommend you to make a follow-up appointment now through our website as our clinic is now waiting list for 8 weeks or longer.

If you are unwell between visits: please first contact your GP for review.


For serious medical issues related to Doctor’s treatment: you can contact our clinical team via outlining your current symptoms. Or you can book an urgent visit for another face to face appointment by email directly, or phone 0766 803364.


Before your follow up appointment: You need to complete your follow up Symptoms Check List prior to your follow up appointment, and hand over to your doctor at the time of your visit. Please print out and complete the from here.

Our clinic hours are only Tue & Thu weekly. 

* Last updated on 1/Jan/2020