Information: Blood Testing 



Before an appointment with Dr.Lambert, many patients are ordering testing done with some of the German labs, Armin labs or BCA labs, who do speciality tests that are not available in the UK or Ireland; this is the new generation tests, the Elispots, which sometime identify infections when the antibody tests are negative. We are happy to review the results of these tests at your initial visit to explain your results. For more information, please check their site, BCA  or Arminlabs.

The antibody tests for Lyme and other infections are often negative, and the tests that they do in Germany are Elispot assays.
How to order: please contact labs to order a kit, and they will explain the process of how to have the tests done and have your GP or a nurse draw the blood and ship to the labs in Germany. They will send you back the results. I
t is advisable to do this on a Monday/Tuesday so there are no transportation delays.


The most important tests (as they have a wide range of tests available include):


  • Borrelia EliSpot 

  • Ehrlichia & Anaplasma EliSpot 

  • Chlamydia pneumonia EliSpot 

  • CD57 (*Optional) 

  • Tickplex Plus (*Optional) 

What to do once results are available: please send a copy to us;, or save your results via our secured link


IMPORTANT: This is NOT a medical advice. (Arminlabs), (BCA Labs) or other EU located labs suggested by us are used only for your information, and these laboratories have no relationship with our private clinic. We provide this information as one of options for you to decide. However, we provide a medical consultation and will review these results in addition to the testing that we perform to come up with the best analysis of your medical condition. You are required directly communicate with the private EU laboratories for their terms & conditions and prices, and follow the necessary procedures & policies required by them at your risk. 




* Last updated on 1/Feb/2017